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Every day, thousands of authors, entrepreneurs and publishers are vying for attention in a finite number. The competition in book selling is fierce, the stakes high, and the pressure intense. Impulse is a professional marketing company, specifically designed to produce high-level results within this environment.

Beginning in 1999, Impulse, one of the country’s largest bookselling company, has been a pioneer in redefining the concept of selling and marketing of printed books. Fueled by passion and absolutely proactive in approach, it believes in market penetration by direct selling, reaching the door step of the consumer. It has successfully been able to manifest itself as the best bookseller by reaching the unreachable. Thriving on volume sales and aggressive marketing strategies, it has been associated with companies like Oxford University Press, Britannica, Dorling Kindersely, Penguin, Hachette, etc.

The success graph of Impulse is exemplary, marked by its presence almost in all major cities and towns in India. Impulse Marketing reach is international, and its ambitious plans for global representation have seen no boundaries, with its setups in Bangladesh, Nepal, Srilanka, UAE and Philippines.

Impulse has a massive network of four thousand five hundred, young, dynamic people, who go through an intensive training to adapt themselves to the unique selling approach of keeping low cost and generating high volumes, enhancing the profits and breadth of market coverage at the same time. 

The driving force behind this success is unbridled commitment, determination, and savvy consumer relations. ‘Impulse’, true to its literal translation has a proven track record and high level of client satisfaction. They are the ‘gallant sellers’, unorthodox and incredibly effective.

They believe in hard work, good humor and goodwill, but are also professionals who know how to move books & sell products.

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